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Unique Pylon and Inner Wing Stand

Unique Pylon and Inner Wing Stand

This multifunctional stand gives access to the Pylon (from engine front side) and the Inner Wing (wing slats retracted). This stand is specifically designed for the following aircraft types: 

  • A330 – 200 (GE engines)
  • B777 – 200ER (GE engines)

Designs for other aircraft types (and other engines) are possible as well.

The stand is made of an optimal mix of steel and aluminium in order to optimise structural performance and weight. The height adjustment system features the mechanical locking mechanism to ensure safe working at height. A hydraulic system accounts for the ease of height adjustment and stand-alone operations. At both sides of the working platform are slidable gates mounted. These gates can be manually operated with incremental locking positions. Pivotable gates are located at the end of each slidable gate. To ensure safe working vertical height adjustable fences close the gap between the aircraft skin and working platform.

All these features bound the working area for engine and pylon and/or inner wing to perform maintenance in a safe manner.


  • The stair is easy to manoeuvre by hand
  • Additional tow bar is delivered for towing by tow vehicle at low speed (max. 5 km/h)
More information about the Pylon and Inner Wing Stand is available, please fill in the contact form. Find out more about NIJL Pylon/Engine Stands.