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Universal Tail Dock; narrow and wide body 


When lack of space in your hangar is an issue, universal docks are the ideal solution. For example the Universal Tail Dock, specially designed to cater for several aircraft types. Another great benefit of this Universal Tail Dock is the that it is movable.

Key benefits of the Universal Tail Dock:

• Reduced footprint
• Multifunctional
• Self-propelled
• Height adjustable vertical stabilizer floor
• Sliding panels to fit the contour for safe and easy access

The Universal Tail Docking System is suitable for a wide range of aircraft types (narrow and wide body): B737 fam., B747, B757, B767, B777, B787, A320 fam., A330, A340, A350.

Also available at NIJL an Universal Nose Dock for both narrow and wide body aircraft.

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