Complete narrow body docking system

Aircraft type
  • A320 family
  • B737
  • EMB 170-195
  • Puerto Rico

With the advanced 3D scanner we are able to make detailed 3D aircraft scans to become aware of the specific maintenance needs for different type of aircrafts.
This resulted in development and design of complete package and full service of A320/B737/EMB combination dock to ensure fast, safe and sustainable maintenance.

The A320 / B737 / EMB docking equipment is suitable for:

  • A320 NEO
  • B737 MAX
  • EMB 170-195

All dock modules are ground mobile to allow either nose-in or tail-in configuration.

The full A320/B737/EMB docking delivery for on wheels / on jacks comprises:

  • A320/B737/EMB Nose dock:
    -PAX door + cockpit window access.
    -Possible to open Radome with nose dock in place
  • A320/B737/EMB Wing dock:
    -Outer and inner wing dock area
    -Inclusive upper wing access stand
  • A320/B737/EMB Tail dock:
    -APU installation & removal possible with dock on place
    -Suitable for tail-in and nose-in docking
  • A320/B737/EMB PAX stands: 
    -Wide platform
  • A320/B737/EMB Cargo stands:  
    -Movable by one person
  • A320 Avionics stands:  
    -Flexible Railing System


Download PDF brochure A320 Docking System