B787 Access Equipment

Aircraft type
  • B787

Complete package and full service for B787 Access Equipment

NIJL Aircraft Docking 2.0 has acquired a wealth of expertise and practical experience in collaboration with airlines and aircraft builders. As a result a full Entry Into Service package for the B787 has been developed.
With in-house engineering NIJL Aircraft Docking 2.0 offers a full service package from design up to delivery on site, commissioning and training.
With the advanced 3D scanner NIJL made detailed 3D aircraft scans to explore the specific maintenance needs for the B787 aircraft and to ensure optimal access.


Hangars are full of equipment. Lack of space is an issue. Therefore, NIJL steps, stands and docking systems are designed to cater for several aircraft types.
The B787 access equipment is also suitable for combinations with other wide body aircrafts and covers the B787-9. The equipment is also available in combination with other aircraft types like the A350.
Hence, by using one piece of NIJL equipment, you can access several aircraft types. This means less equipment needed, and therefore less expenses.

Complete B787 Access equipment available for A- to light C-checks, like

  • Cargo access stands
  • Nose landing gear stands
  • Under Cowling Access stands
  • Pylon stand, etc

Complete B787 Docking Sytems for heavy C– to  D-checks, like

  • Nose dock
  • Fuselage dock
  • Tail dock
  • Wing dock, etc.
To find out more about our Entry Into Service B787 package in combination with other aircraft types like the A350, please contact us or fill in the form at the right side.